This weeks Thursday throwback is brought to you by my good friend and Les Mills instructor Roger Edwards.  He runs his fitness blog over on, group fitness over coffee podcast and his Marketing, Protection & Finance blog.   Please be sure to check out his websites as they’re full of great content.

The Track

This post takes us back to Les Mills Body Combat release 25 Track 4. Even almost 10 years on I still think this is the definitive Body Combat track. A perfect martial arts feel. A strong kata. Endless side kicks and a knee kick combination including the jump kick.

The Music

The Flip and Fill remix of Jigga Jigga by Scooter. I’ve had this music as the ring tone on my phone since phone were capable of playing MP3s

The Choreography

If you thought the side kick repeaters from BC64 were a new innovation think again. At the start of Jigga Jigga we have 16 repeater side kicks. I guess we’d just forgotten about that. The main combo is a flurry of knees and a jump kick repeated eight times.

Why I like it

  • A powerful techno song – almost an instrumental apart from the words “Jigga Jigga” with a slower flute section which complements the kata.
  • A gradual layered build up of the main combo then let rip when the main musical theme comes in.
  • It just “feels” like Body Combat. The track is so different from anything else you can see in group fitness.
  • Still trying, after 10 years, to find out what Jigga Jigga means.

What do you think?

Have you taught/done this track and thought differently?  Please let me know your thoughts or If you have any tracks you’d like to share please comment, tweet me, or get in touch.  Thanks for reading Simon Philp.

While you’re here

If you’d like to be a guest post for the week on Thursday Throw Back for any Les Mills  programmes then please tweet me, or get in touch.  Thank you Roger for your throw back :).


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