It’s not every week you make a booking for a 2 star Michelin restaurant. The booking was a bit of spontaneous decision and can happily say it’s a tick off the bucket list.

The restaurant is owned by self taught chef James Close.  You may recognise him from being on the BBC’s Masterchef programme.

There really is no beating about the bush but the food was exceptional, words can’t express the flavours, the textures, the beauty in each course. I doubt we will be back any time soon as it was a big treat for us (Wedding Anniversary) at the time but one day in the future we hope to go back :). Before you watch the video please note these were taken very quickly with my phone, wish I had option for my big camera :P…. Anyway, enjoy 🙂

If you fancy a gander at the menu, maybe treat that special someone in your life check Raby Hunt out:
Have you been?  Did you have something different, please feel free to comment :).

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