Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 15 – Fancy

Next in the theme conversion is a nice simple theme called Fancy. * Taken from – WordPress

“Fancy” is a free WordPress theme which really lets your blog stand out from the crowd. Make your blog unique by changing the main blog color (pink, yellow, green), background pattern (available over 20 background variations), banner etc through an options page. In addition you have the ability to choose the color of sidebar blocks (violet, yellow, green). Tech folks might find interesting that we built this theme based on css framework “Blueprint”. Valid CSS & HTML. Designed by AZ Money Web Design.

I have included all the images that come with the fancy theme download. This gives you a variety of options.

Some people have contacted me asking when these skins will be put into the subtext trunk/download. I am not sure if all will make it in or when. I’ll need to get some guidance from Phil and Simone.





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