Out with Galleries in with Flickr

flickr logo gamma v1.5 Subtext comes with a handy little gallery feature which I can’t fault as it does everything you would expect a gallery component to do however, I was finding it a little frustrating putting albums up all over the place so I decided to take the plunge and write a quick control that looks at my Flickr account.

The title isn’t really that accurate as I plan on keeping the subtext gallery control on my pages until I am happy I have transferred, backed up and organised everything.


The benefits are obvious, all changes are done centrally, files are stored on Flickr which means I am saving disk space and bandwidth.

The control itself isn’t complex at all and uses a nice little library called Flickr.NET written by Sam Judson which can be seen on the right panel under the search box (at time of writing and can be seen as a screen shot ->).

Not sure what the Subtext Development Team have planned for SubText integrating with Flickr but my control just looks for 2 values from the web.config(API key and your flickr username) and Flickr.NET takes care of the rest.  Time pending I plan on looking at a nice Flickr gallery handler so I can integrate my galleries on my website rather than being linked out to Flickr.

I will put together a quite post later this week outlining the control and ability to download the source/dll 🙂


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