[dropcap style=”dropcap”] I [/dropcap]t’s been a while since I posted anything subtext related so after seeing the changes that Phil has been working on in his git repository I thought I would create a simple, fixed width twitter bootstrap theme. I do hope this can be included in the default subtext install one day :). I have used the following from the bootstrap arsenal:

  • Grid system (fixed width with left sidebar).
  • Button styles.
  • Nav bar.
  • Icons for various elements.

This theme can easily be expanded and customised. I have tried to make it possible for the author to move the controls around such as recent comments, news, recent posts etc  without breaking the layout.

The theme

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Can I help? Where can I get it?

I am more than happy for anyone to suggest improvements or even help with the themes. Please contact me or comment below if you have any questions.

[button url=”https://github.com/siphilp/Subtext-Skins” size=”normal” color=”skyblue” custom_color=”” icon=”{{icon}}” target=”_blank”] Download Twitter Bootstrap theme from Git [/button]

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