It’s been a long time coming at the weekend we went and saw Still Game Live and it was worth the wait. 10,000 strong in the hydro, the place is huge to give you an idea how big the place is:

Still Game - SECC Hydro Glasgow
Still Game – SECC Hydro Glasgow


If you’ve not seen it the chances are you’re now going to have to wait till the dvd is launched (prob around Christmas).  I would wait till it drops in price though, trust me on this :).  The show doesn’t really pick up from where the story line left us in the last Christmas Special apart from that I’m not going to give anything away as 90% of the time we were laughing our heads off.   While I would of loved to show you some photographs of the show the BBC were filming so we weren’t allowed to take any. We do take away some fantastic memories and “limited” merchandise.

Jack and Victor - Still Game SECC Hydro
Jack and Victor – Still Game SECC Hydro

Not only did we meet the stars of the show (above) :P, but we also won entry to the VIP bar aka “the clansman”.

The Clansman - Still Game - SECC Hydro
The Clansman – Still Game – SECC Hydro

If I was asked to give the live show a mark out of 10 it would be 9/10.  Some cracking writing and unexpected surprises.

Don’t own a Still Game DVD? You’re in luck right now you can buy series 1 – 6 including the Christmas Specials for only £20 and I must say it’s a bargain.

We’re hoping that this wasn’t a one off money maker and that a series 7 or even a Christmas special or 2 will be on the cards cause we all want to know what happens with Navid and Isa right?

Never heard of Still Game?

Still Game is a Scottish sitcom series, following the lives of a group of pensioners who live in Craiglang, a fictional area of Glasgow. The show was created by and stars Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, and first aired on BBC One Scotland on 1 September 2002.

Here’s a little preview I’ve found on Youtube


BBC Official Site – Still Game

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