Some Holiday Tunes for Majorca 2008

Well my 1st summer holiday in about 3 years is coming up in a couple of weeks. Me and a couple of friends from north and south are hitting Majorca as a last minute thing. Over the last week I have been previewing albums, listening to old podcasts and well I now have over 16gb of tunes, I expect this to grow still. Think I have been fortunate aswell as 2 of my favourite podcasters have launched new mixes, One Phat Dj aka Si Jobling’s ColourFul Crescendo, and Dj Cruze aka Marc Littlemore Music Talking.  I have loads of tracks that have been purchased from Dj Download some making it to the podcast, lots not.  My taste in music varies depending on the mood I am in, could be trance, r’n’b or even jazz. If you’re like me I backup everything especially my media, do you?

I haven’t done a recent update on my iTunes subscriptions but here are my previous posts:

I’ll post updates to my subscription list at another time right now I want to focus on holiday tunes.  Podcast 10 part 1 was published a couple weeks back, this weekend I hope to publish podcast 10 part 2. It saddens me that podcast 10 part 2 will be my last podcast for a while.  Reasons behind this is that I have alot going on in real life and that financially it’s not feasible just now with new podcasting laws now in place.

My ipod is full of a variety of music, including the killers, oasis, and my funky house tracks. Two albums I just bought last week which I have been listening to at the gym and is on my holiday playlist are:

Hed Kandi The Mix : Summer 2008

Hed Kandi The Mix: Summer 2008

This album is broken down into 3 flavours in the mix. Mix one is “Twisted Disco”, mix two “Disco Kandi” and finally mix three “Disco Heaven”.

Ministry of Sound : Ibiza Annual 2008

Ministry of Sound : Ibiza Annual 2008

Another triple compilation in the mix. Mix one and two are house mixes bringing in some of the best summer tunes. Mix three is made up from the biggest trance tacks out there.

Other albums I am currently listening to are: Verve – Forthverve and Zutons – You Can Do AnythingZutons.

I am still on the lookout for new albums, tracks for holiday so if you can recommend any please comment.

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