Sharing the love – Update

Share the love Previously I posted the following item :
Sharing the love – Make it easy for your users.

While the concept of this “widget” was fantastic it seemed that on certain browsers javascript errors were being thrown and that it interfered with lightbox.

Today a comment from a friend of mine Andy Kemp found an alternative that didn’t cause conflicts or errors,  I have added the new widget below my posts and have yet to customise it, check it out 🙂

For subtext users it’s really the same as before

Sign up, enter details, copy generated code, open <your skin directory>controlsSharethispost.asxc

Select everything in

<div class=”share”>


delete and past in the code from addthis. Easy.

For word press users checkout the plugin.

This link to customise.

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  • Stuart K
    Posted April 4, 2008 8:29 am 0Likes

    I am currently designing my subtext design and will most certainly be incorporating this little number. Keep it up.

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