It looks white, white, white

It wasn’t until a friend Simone on twitter stated about how it’d been snowing all night that I suddenly realised, I’ve not checked the weather reports for up north. Yes, this year I am late in checking out my usual winter haunts. Usually I am on top of any sign of snow fall up in the highlands in hope that the season will kick off early. Like the previous posts:

In between the above posts there have been trips up north and abroad that can be found:

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Off I went to to check out some of the web cam pages and what a big surprise I got.


Glencoe Mid- Snow Glencoe 2 - Snow

*both images from –


Base Cairngorm Cairngorm

both images from –

Nevis Range

No images available from this month. The last web cam images was uploaded on 8th of last month (time of this post).  These can be found


This weekend will see me putting my boards in for a full service in preparation for what I will hope be a fantastic season. I can’t wait to use my flow bindings again as this year they proved to be a worthy investment, click, click and away you go 🙂

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