Road Trip Apr 08 – Scottish Snowboarding.

Baz and I decided that we would fire up north Yesterday to the Nevis Range.

On the morning looked out the window.

Forth Rail Bridge 22nd April 2008

Weathers not too bad, checked weather report for Nevis all’s well. At 7am we manage to get petrol and start our journey north. Not too far into the trip and voila snow.

First Snow

Wasn’t long before we were within the range.

Only 6 miles to Nevis Range

On arrival around 9.15 we found that there was a problem with the Gondola and that updates were going to be announced hourly.

Nevis Range Logo

We went for a cuppa, got changed, started preparing for heading up and enjoying some white stuff.

Nevis Mountain - 22nd April 2008

At 11.15 ish they announced that due to high winds no boarding   The woman on the ticket box at Nevis was very helpful started calling around the other resorts to see if they were open, Glencoe was.  She gave us directions and a little book with a map incase we some how managed to deviate from the main road.

Off we set.  At 12.30 we arrived at Glencoe got our boots on etc and went and bought our £20 ticket.  The woman who served us should really sue the college she went to for that “customer relations” course, but never mind.

Top of the Poma Tow looking up - 22nd April 2008

We headed up and what a great afternoon we had.  The resort was deserted, lucky if there was 25 people there but what’d you expect being a work day.  The upper mountain was where all the action was, but it was possible to board down to the Cliffhanger chairlift and the Wall T-Bar.

Main Basin t-bar - 22nd April 2008

The afternoon went quite quickly and the rest of the staff we spoke to were very helpful, and very cheery.

I was at Glencoe before way back and didn’t enjoy it much but yesterday changed it all. Hopefully if there is enough snow next week, might try and plan another trip 🙂

Thanks to Staff at Nevis and Glencoe for a great afternoon, was worth the 300 mile trip . More pictures will be posted up on my Flickr page


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