Random Morning – Forth Bridges

Living on the door step to such marvels as the Forth rail and road bridge means opportunity to take photographs presents itself every day.  It’s even better that it’s on my way to and from work so if the weather looks good I always make sure I take my camera bag with me.

One morning I decided to leave for work earlier than normal as weather looked perfect and decided to stop at South Queensferry. Mother nature didn’t disappoint and managed to take quite a few pics.   I know South Queensferry fairly well and I could of easily spent all morning there. Not a good idea as I don’t think my manager would of appreciated me not showing for work. Next time :). I am hoping to experiment with a couple of vantage points I know about next time I head down and have a couple of hours on my hands.

Below is a screenshot taken while I was processing the photographs on Adobe Lightroom, bit of a difference huh.

Very happy in how most of the photographs turned out.  I really do think the black and white along with the seaweed sets the mood for this photograph:

The rest I have uploaded the set to Flickr. If you can’t see the gallery below please be sure to check out : https://www.flickr.com/photos/siphilp/sets/72157644828188817/

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