Photo4Me Widget Beta – Testing

Welcome to the unofficial Photo4Me WordPress widget beta page.  This widget connects to the Photo4Me API and displays images within your portfolio.

Where you come in?

Please read the features table below and if you would like to see anything added please leave a comment :). If the feature is acceptable then I will add it to the table and will delete your comment(just house keeping).  If you’d prefer not to comment then you can contact me through my contact form, twitter or FaceBook. 🙂

If you’d like to help develop the plugin please again get in touch.  If you’d like to donate towards development time then that’s also possible :).

Admin panel



Front end panel



Feature List

Title Description Initial Release? In future Update?
Change Widget Title As can be seen in above screenshot (A). As the author of your site you can change the title to what you. Y *
Enter my photo4me Id Allows you to enter your id. This will be used to talk to the API to return your images(B).
Number of images on screen I want to be able to control the number of images shown within the widget(C) . Y *
Want it quick Widget will cache your images for the number of minutes you require(D). This will make any subsequent calls to the photo4me api appear quicker as it’s stored locally within wordpress. Y *
Slideshow Display a slideshow of images, with click to see full screen/navigate through to photo4me. N Y
View exif data Display photograph information with ability to turn on and off. N Investigation needed.
View Author information Enable to view author information based on what’s in photo4me. Another widget may be required for this. N Investigation needed.
Alternating/Random Images Ability to display random images. N Investigation needed.
View images based on authors criteria Ability to display images based on tags/categories. N Investigation needed.
Control look at feel Ability to change the style of the widget through css or “theme based”. N Y
Dedicated Page Page showing images and buy buttons N Y

Download link (beta version)

[button url=”” style=”default” size=”default” block=”true” target=”_blank” icon=”check”]Download[/button]



Go to  WordPress admin area -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload the zip file from above.

Once  installed and activated navigate to Appearance -> widgets.  Here you will see the photo4me light beta widget.  Add it to the appropriate area filling in the details, save, ta da :).

Look forward to hearing some feedback and suggestions.

Change Log

0.1 – Initial release
0.2 – Latest photographs are now displayed first

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