Simple, colourful and can usually be found quite easily. Poppies and a variety of flowers caught my eye one morning so I decided to stop and take a couple of photographs.  It was early morning and the light in fairness wasn’t the best.  I wasn’t too sure on the angles as each direction had something unnatural in it i.e. a sign or a lamp post so at first I tried to keep everything tight, but that wasn’t working. Finding a couple of low to high positions I clicked away.

I am happy with some of them but I know I could of captured better. Please feel free to comment below, on my flickr or even on my Facebook page about any of the photos as constructive criticism is always welcomed :).

For anyone wondering where these were taken. The poppies/wild flowers can be found next to Inverkeithing High School close to the traffic lights on the hillend bypass :).

What did I learn from taking these photographs of poppies?

I learned that I need to be more prepared. What I mean is checking settings used to get the best results and also checking the weather so I can determine what the light will be like. After I looked at the photographs I decided to do a little knowledge hunt for the next time I go along. I really found the following 3 articles helpful for my next visit.

If for some reason you can’t see the below gallery please check out my Flickr Album :

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Next Steps

Using the information from the above websites I hope I can capture the images I want that are in my head. I will be going back in a couple of weeks, it will be interesting to compare both sets.

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