Pamporovo would you do it again

We have been back from Bulgaria for nearly a week now and I finally have time to put something up here. The holiday itself was fantastic, a big hi to Mark, Gary and Ted at the snow shack. Guys thanks for fixing my board. Shoutouts going to Sam, Paul, Vicki, Marti, Dave and Paul number 2. Next years holiday will surely be a blast.

Group photo taken a middle base Pamporovo, Bulgaria 2007.

As you will soon see from the pictures there just wasn’t alot of snow cover at our resort which resulted in us only being able to board about 2 hours a day. What else can you do on a slope other than ski or board…. Well there is drink 😉

I have no idea why they kept the mountain open. The only green open for learners(6) from top to middle was lucky enough to have about 3cm of slush. If you were a skier then you were sorted as the blue run (1) had good cover and you could use the t-bar. However, if you are a boarder you had to put your board through the pain of going to the middle chair lift as they weren’t allowing boarders on the blue(1) t-bar this year. The journey to middle was a dangerous one. The fact that there wasn’t enough slopes open for the amount of people on the mountain resulted in massive bottle necks in areas where there was little or no snow. This caused numerous accidents and damage to skis/boards. Below is a picture of the middle chair lift. This was the normal size of queue and as you can see lacks snow.

picture showing queues at middle base where there was no snow

As we were leaving on the Sunday we were told that the mountain had closed on Saturday at 2pm which really should have happened alot sooner.

I would like to outline some things that differed from last year.

  • Pamporovo Hotel has gone down hill in my eyes.5 star prices, 2 star service.
  • Talks of a new run being built.
  • Everywhere you look they’re building something.
  • Taxi prices have hiked up.
  • Some new bars have popped up that are good.

For anyone travelling out to stay in the Pamporovo hotel soon you probably got a letter outlining construction work that won’t effect your stay. Well that all depends on your room. Our morning wake up call involved 3 chain saws and hammering. A nice little letter will be winging its way to Balkan Holidays.

I’ll soon be putting all the photos and videos that we took while we were out there. Chances are though that “Dangerous Dave” has put the videos up on youtube already?

On the home front it would appear that there is some snow up north so think it might be time to go on another road trip. Are you thinking about heading up then contact me :).

Stay safe.

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