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A couple of weeks back I wrote about Free photo software – Why Pay? Lots of goodies out there to use, all bringing there own goodness to the table.  If you’re like me and have pics of everything and everyone then organising them can be a pain. 1st thing I do is make sure any photo’s taken off my iphone or my camera are backed up.

First stop after being backed up is to place them up in the cloud. Create sets on Flickr upload and organise. This is where I started thinking about what if I didn’t use Flickr Pro but instead some other form of organisation tool that integrates with my back up strategy?

I went on the hunt. There are a couple out there.  I am going to try them all and see what works best for me. I’ll write about my experiences in another post.



From the search giant Google, Picasa covers everything you’d want from a photo management  application.  From fixing and enhancing photographs to a powerful facial-recognition feature that automatically tags people.  Picasa also allows you to geo-tag your pics in Google Earth and Maps so you can see where the picture was taken.


* Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great.
Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button!


* taken from Picasa page

PicaJet Free Edition

PicaJet comes in 2 flavours. 1 paid and 1 free.  The differences between both can be seen over on the comparison page. PicaJet is a cool photo manager that can automatically import from various mediums, organise and tag images.


* PicaJet is a powerful, feature-rich, but highly customizable and convenient digital photo management and image database software that will efficiently organize your fast-growing digital image collection.


* Taken from PicaJet

Adebis Photo Sorter

This application can put kaos into order. Looks very simple, select a drive or directory and the application will copy and sort them out based on their EXIF data stored in the photograph.  For 640k this application looks a starting point for any photograph library that’s needing organised.


* Adebis Photo Sorter is a powerful, flexible and extremely fast photo sorting tool that will enable you to quickly turn a completely disorganized photo collection of any size into a neat set of folders containing relevant photos grouped according to the rules you define.


* Taken from Adebis

Lets see how they all work. I only have a couple of 1000 photos, lets put the apps to work.


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