On going website maintenance

It’s been a long time coming but over the next couple of weeks you’ll be seeing quite a lot of changes going on. My website will be under going a big face lift.  With all this in mind, should you hit an error page then I can assure you that if you leave it 5 minutes and refresh all will be back to normal.  During this time I will be upgrading to the latest version of subtext of which I won’t be “tweaking” the admin area which i normally do.

Not only am I hoping  to implement a new subtext skin I am also planning on making it a better user experience. As normal, daily backups will be in place so nothing will be lost 🙂 Below is a quick outline of what I am hoping to gain and change.

Current issues

YSlow Score

Home page is averaging 120k which i think is far from ideal. Looking at my YSlow stats:

ySlow report before 01/05/09

Following the YSlow rules when the new skin is fully complete i hope to achieve a much higher score, this includes:

  • Reduce the amount of script/css files
  • Reduce DOM elements
  • Compress script/css files
  • Place script files at bottom of the page


This has been annoying me for some time now. Main menu isn’t dominant enough, and I don’t like the single sidebar.  I have been playing about with many ideas from other designs i have seen and posts from design blogs I follow:


Main areas that I am not happy with that will be changing

  1. Navigation
  2. Contact Form
  3. Comments Display/Form
  4. 404 page not found revamp


I will be adding back into my new skin the following:

  1. Gallery Loader – Subtext Galleries, using jQuery for funk
  2. Sharing the love
  3. A couple of things from – 10 quick things you can do to your subtext blog
  4. Out with Galleries in with Flickr

When the transition has taken place and you see something out of place, or if you think something could be improved that I haven’t mentioned please get in touch my either commenting or emailing

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