New sky box software – fail

I’ve had my new sky hd box since around Christmas time last year. While the engineer was installing it he updated the software on it from:


 skybox_skyplus = sky_old


 skybox_hd = sky_newhdepg

Now I’ve never had any problems with basic functions such as changing channels, rewinding etc up till now.  The new software is appauling. Don’t get me wrong the functionality that the new software brings is a huge improvement over the previous version but usability is a nightmare.  At one point I had pressed play over 10 times before the box actually responded.

Anyone know of a way to make this bearable? Really getting beyond a joke now.

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  • Scottt Tolmie
    Posted May 21, 2010 1:53 pm 0Likes

    You must be quite unlucky, I had my sky HD box from day of launch and had no issues, just sold it there and its still going strong. Now with Virgin and got one of there new Samsung boxes which is very nice.

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