Nevis Road Trip Easter weekend

Another day in my favourite resort, Nevis. Upon arriving the slopes looked a little grim and it was a tough call whether to go for it or face defeat and head home. We made the decision to go for it and what a day we had. As you can see from the picture below all the best boarding was on the upper goose and at the summit.

The mountain only had about 15 people on it which meant we were able to get some fresh tracks on the summit where a cm or 2 of snow had fallen. “the two Pauls” made a couple of kickers coming out of the gully that runs down the side of the goose as the terrain park appeared to be limited/closed. The gully was where the days fun was to commence. We must have managed about 20 jumps, each time getting harder due to the T-bar back up slowly working it’s pain into the inside of our legs. We had a fantastic day. Lets hope that the 20th brings some more snow like last year :).

Baz trying to spark up… does it happen? Nope…


Me getting some air. Single Shot

Baz getting some air.


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