Match made in heaven

Since buying my new Burton Custom 162 it looked very naked up on the wall next to my nidecker. A thought suddenly came, she needs bindings. Well, off I went to my local Summits where I bought a pair of Burton P1 Bindings.The outcome looking like:

Burton Custom and Burton P1s. Nidecker, the Legacy with Nidecker Bindings

Now I think they both are complete. This seasons gear is looking sweet, if only i was a millionaire. When I was in getting the P1’s I saw a bonfire jacket which looks the b0ll0x and will go with my pair of bonfire bottoms, of which i just had to buy. Oh well there goes someone’s Christmas present. Bring on the snow.

How this year has flown by. Geez this time last year I was working at “the sweatshop” with some really nice people. Ah how i miss the banter….

I have tried to be organised this year and bought some presents. Last thing I hate is being skint on the run up to Christmas or even trying to buy that little thing you forgot about last minute. I can still see it being an expensive affair.

I will be releasing the next stage of the website soon which will allow you to register and comment on any of the crap I have written.

Till next time stay safe….

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