Looking back over the year – 2011

Wow, how quickly 2011 has passed by. 2011 was a busy year full of achievements, learning curves, life changes, and wake up calls.

Les Mills UK - Super Quarterly Bristol 2011 - Body Attack

On a personal front i saw one of my favourite stand up comedians on his Road Runner Tour – Lee Evans. I also decided to attend a Les Mills UK Super Quarterly and do the Body Combat Aim 1. The introduction of the new Les Mills Clothing range on Amazon, spent a small fortune. Away from body combat I discovered the ViPR, done some ViPR training and even put together a ViPR blog reference site for sharing ideas.

ViPR - Simon Philp

On the fitness side of thing I started teaching properly taking on alot of class covers which lead on to regular classes.  I was even featured in the FitPro magazine, under the section “Say what?”,  entitled “Make fitness magic work for you.”.

Discovered a band called the approvals while on a road trip in Inverness. Fantastic times.

Beginning of the year saw me create quite a few subtext themes, quit a few are still in draft as testing the themes and writing them up takes a while, I will get there.

It’s hard to think about all the things that have happened, some good, some bad, but what I do know is that 2012 is the time for change and for the better. I have set myself many goals for this year which will follow in another post. I hope you had a great year and have set achievable goals for 2012.

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