Looking back at 2007

Happy New Year.  First day of 2008 and well can’t say much for the weather.

  1. 2 snowboarding holidays, one to Les Deux Alpes and the other to Bulgaria.
  2. Started my podcasts.
  3. Friends Sean and Tracy became parents.
  4. Ryan and Katie tied the knot.
  5. Friend and colleague Andy started his own blog.
  6. Ported my blog to subtext
  7. Glencoe went into liquidation. Luckily the management saved the day 🙂
  8. Saddam Hussein was Executed.
  9. Parts of the UK experienced horrendous flooding.
  10. Tony Blair stepped down as prime minister.
  11. The death of Diana princess of Wales 10 year anniversary.

Bit of an eventful year with Technology moving up a couple of notches too.

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