Last year I published a series of posts called Throwback Thursday. This series looks at a previous track from a Les Mills program.  It proved to be rather popular as I use to get emails every week from instructors and participants telling me how they forgot about that one and that it’s going on the next mix.  This is great, comments, feedback it’s all welcome 🙂 Due to family commitments at the time I had to put this series on hold, however……

I am planning on kicking off the series again and this is where you come in.  I am looking for passionate instructors/participants to guest post in this series.  This can be any program you like, BodyPump, BodyBalance, BodyAttack etc etc.  Not sure what’s entailed? Check out this guest post by my good friend Roger talking about Les Mills BodyCombat 25 track 4.

It’s a very simple format and can be any track you have a passion for. No wrongs, just rights. If you only want to write one post, that’s fine, if you want a regular post that’s even better(might even throw in an Amazon voucher or 2). Answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a track you’re passionate about?
  • Do you want lots of others like yourself to know about this track?
  • Have 15 minutes to spare to write the post?

Did you answer all three questions with YES? Please contact me and we can get something arranged :).

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