Happy Friday :). It’s now time for GRIT Cardio 26 music.  How did you find GRIT Cardio 25?

If you’ve missed it here are the track listings we know so far:

What is Les Mills GRIT Cardio 26 all about?

Les Mills GRIT Cardio 26 has an amazing upbeat athletic feel, but don’t be fooled, behind the super funky structure is a class packed with heart rate pumpers to challenge everyone’s fitness! P.S. We hope you love Burpees. Let’s play!

Les Mills GRIT Cardio 26 music track listing

Track 1 – Hyperparadise (Flume Remix) [GANZ Flip] – Hermitude

Track 2A – Talk About It (Virtual Riot Remix) – Pegboard Nerds feat. Desiree Dawson

Track 2B – Ride With You – YULTRON feat. Leah Culver

Track 2C – Find My Way – MRVLZ

Track 2D – Dark Down Below – KLOUD

Track 3A – Get Up – Farleon

Track 3B – New Beginning – Far Out

Track 4 – Full Force – Rob Gasser

Track 5 – All In My Head – Franky Nuts

Track 6 – About This Thing – Young Franco

Track 7 – Express Yourself – Charles Wright & The Watts

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