Happy Thursday, the weekend is in sight 🙂 . It’s now time for GRIT Cardio 25 music.  How did you find GRIT Cardio 24?

If you’ve missed it here are the track listings we know so far:

What is Les Mills GRIT Cardio 25 all about?

The format of Les Mills GRIT Cardio this round is simpler, with fewer complex moves. This is to benefit both you AND your members. For you guys, it makes the workout easier to learn. For your members, it means they can “get” the moves straight away and ensure they achieve the HIIT effect.

Les Mills GRIT Cardio 25 music track listing

Track 1 – Surfin’ – Kid Cudi & Pharrell Williams

Track 2 – On – Outrun

Track 3A – Warrior (Zephure Remix) – Steve James feat. LIGHTS

Track 3B – Knock Me Down – Youngblood Hawke

Track 3C – Lose It (Naderi Remix) – Flume & Vic Mensa

Track 3D – Knock Me Down – Youngblood Hawke

Track 3E – Make Believe – Cramoki & Allstark

Track 4A – GYAL (Freekill Remix) – Aazar

Track 4B,4D,4F,4H – Climb – Bunji Garlin

Track 4C,4E,4G,4I – Fogo – Garmiani feat. Julimar Santos

Track 5 – Chrono – RVDY

Track 6 – I’m Dead (Pretty Edit)-Duckwrth, Sabrina Claudio & Sad Money

Track 7 – The People – Common

If you have any thoughts on Les Mills GRIT Cardio 25 and would like to share with our global community please get in touch 🙂

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