Cxworx 34 time. Is it just me or have the last couple of releases been epic?  It’s always a good sign when a release lasts 6 weeks without someone asking for it to be mixed.

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This is what we know about this quarters music so far:

What is Cxworx 34 all about?

This is hands-down the most innovative, creative and transitional perfection that a CXWORX class could possibly give you. Each track has something special. The music is familiar, modern, mainstream and catchy. For the first time in CXWORX we have multiple rhythmical exercises. We change up the rhythms by transitioning from slow to fast and back to slow – this allows for a deeper level of feeling and movement contrast. It both enhances and challenges the technique of each exercise. It’s smart, it’s energetic and the workout narrative is on point.

Cxworx 34 music track listing

Track 1 – A Good Night – John Legend & BloodPop

Track 2 – Feeling Good (Solidisco Remix) – Nina Simone

Track 3 – Catch Me – Liquid Shelter

Track 4 – Island – Fuse ODG

Track 5 – Finest Hour – Cash Cash feat. Abir

Track 6 – Jammin’ – Campsite Dream

Bonus tracks


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