Welcome back, It’s now Les Mills BodyPump 105 time. How did you get on with BodyPump 104? If you have any thoughts on BodyPump 104 why not share them?

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What is Les Mills BodyPump 105 all about?

BODYPUMP™ 105 utilizes The Rep Effect™ to ensure you build lean muscle and burn fat – fast. The challenge is on in the squat track Do Or Die: 3 stances with zero rest periods create heightened pressure in the muscle to fast track our results.

Les Mills BodyPump 105 music track listing .

Track 1 – All Stars – Martin Solveig feat. Alma

Track 2 – Do Or Die – Blasterjaxx feat. Lara

Track 3 – The Man – The Killers

Track 4 – Stay For It – RL Grime feat. Miguel

Track 5 – What About Us – P!nk

Track 6 – Champion – Fall Out Boy

Track 7 – How Do You Feel Right Now – Axwell/\Ingrosso

Track 8 – Lean Back (NGHTMRE Remix) – Terror Squad

Track 9 – Sweat – The All American Rejects

Track 10 – Break My Habits – Topic

Bonus track

Track 2 – Step by step – Slushii

Note: I have tried to link to the track and artist however it may differ to the release due to it being adapted for Group Exercise or the specific mix not being found. I link to legal sources only and do not store or supply the music. This track list may also change… 😉 

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If you have any thoughts on the music selection for BodyPump 105 please feel free to comment below. If you have a song in mind for a future BodyPump release why not suggestion a song over on Les Mills.com : Suggest a song.


* Image header used in this post has been used with permission from Les Mills.


  • Stav
    Posted January 31, 2018 12:22 pm 0Likes

    It’s gonna be hard to top 104, one of my favourite releases for a while, but so glad to see Fall Out Boy on here! I’ve been tipping this song for BP since I heard it!

  • Peter
    Posted January 31, 2018 2:37 pm 0Likes

    Here is the tracklist for confirmation: https://imgur.com/nmjd6Gj

    Also, can you believe it? They actually have brought back the old choreography note system!

  • done
    Posted February 10, 2018 11:10 am 0Likes

    Cool tracks. Looks like they decided to bring back old-style songs to the releases, as many people were begging for it. I like The Killers and All American Rejects here.

  • Mairon
    Posted July 11, 2018 7:03 pm 0Likes

    Finally our gym decided to release this mix!
    And what a great release it is. It`s such an improvement over that hot mess that was BP 104.

    Track 1: Great track, much more motivational than the one that came before.
    Track 2: It`s not a great song, but at least we have combos again. So much better than that awful choreo from 104.
    Track 3: Great song, great choreo too.
    Track 4: So hard! I love it.
    Track 5: The best song on the release and the choreo is great too.
    Track 6: It’s really hard! I don’t mind the song, but it’s going to be a challenge.
    Track 7: This must be the hardest lunges track in recent memory? I had to lower my weights and by the end of the song, we couldn’t stop sweating. The best combination of track and combination of the mix.
    Track 8: I don’t mind it, but the choreo is great too. Such an improvement over that awful song from 104 and the repetitiveness.
    Track 9: Something different after a long time. I loved it!
    Track 10: It’s okay, I guess?

  • JHarmon64
    Posted March 17, 2019 10:04 pm 0Likes

    One of my favorites body pump classes and much of that has to do with the strong track listing. Don’t love them all but overall a great set.

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