Lets face it, the new Les Mills/Reebok clothing for BodyCombat isn’t the best of lookers, and going by social sites the quality of the build has been disappointing.  I find it funny that during the masterclass filming the trainers are all Reebok’d out and front row participants are there because they are wearing this brand too.  What’s the point?  It’s a master class that only instructors are going to see.  You really think I am going to buy a top/trainers because 2 people on a stage are wearing them? The answer is no , and I’m not the only one…..

Cartoon / Rod Emmerson - https://twitter.com/rodemmerson
Cartoon / Rod Emmerson – https://twitter.com/rodemmerson

Les Mills we really don’t care what the presenters wear on stage and if you’re listening Les Mills what we do care about is the price of releases and workshops as it would seems it’s a country lottery and the UK is the highest (post coming soon)….

Anyway, on to the post. With BodyCombat 62 launching here in the new year why not check out some of the alternatives that are out there?

Alternative BodyCombat Shorts

Badboy Mens Victory MMA Shorts – From £14.99

VELO MMA Shorts Grappling Fight Short UFC Kick Boxing – £16.99

Pro Fight Gear MMA, UFC MMA Grappling Fusion Stretch, Training, Shorts – £24.99

Embroidery Chinese Kungfu Kick Boxing MMA Shorts Muay Thai Trunks – £20.73

Venum Galactic Fight Shorts – MMA & Training – From £39

Venum Galactic MMA Fight Shorts – Neo Orange – £47

Venum Galactic MMA Fight Shorts – Neo Ice – £47

Venum Crimson Viper Mens MMA Fight Shorts Black – £44

Venum Santa Muerte Fight Shorts – Black – £49

Alternative BodyCombat Tops

Venum Hurricane X Fit T-Shirt – Black Neo Green – £39

Venum Electron Short Sleeve Mens Rash Guard Black/Red – £39

Venum Muay Thai Origins T-Shirt – £22

Venum Shockwave 2 MMA T-Shirt – Black/Red – £28

Bad Boy Men’s Brazil Rash Guard Short Sleeve – From £10

Bad Boy Combat T Shirt – From £5

Bad Boy Performance Walk In T Shirt Technical Top – From £17

Alternative BodyCombat Gloves

Tapout Grappling Training Gloves – £10

Authentic RDX Leather Gel Tech MMA UFC Grappling Gloves – From £18

Authentic RDX Leather Gel Tech MMA UFC Grappling Gloves – From £20

Authentic RDX Leather Gel Tech MMA UFC Grappling Gloves – £26

Authentic RDX GEL Hand Wraps Grappling Gloves MMA – £26

Hayabusa Ikusa – Feeling rich? – £49

Venum Attack MMA Fight Gloves – Feeling rich? – £46

Venum Attack MMA Fight Gloves

Venum Impact Adult MMA Fight Gloves – Feeling Rich? – £42

There you go, some ideas to be different. Now go out and rock your new clothing. Merry Christmas….

* Cartoon by Rod Emmerson – https://twitter.com/rodemmerson


  • Geoff Mazeroff
    Posted December 17, 2014 2:20 pm 0Likes

    I’m glad somebody is saying something about that. I don’t claim to understand the financials of LM, and I’m sure there’s some pretty good endorsement money coming their way. I’ve shied away from ordering the LM-branded gear because it’s fairly pricey. Other instructors who are into the gear say it sells out quickly (at least in the US). As long as there’s no requirement for me to shill Reebok during my classes or sell their new protein powder, I can deal with their in-product ads.

    • Simon Philp
      Posted December 17, 2014 2:27 pm 0Likes

      Geoff, You get in-product ads, you mean like buy our smart bar or do an aim course at start of DVD of masterclass?

      • Geoff Mazeroff
        Posted December 17, 2014 2:42 pm 0Likes

        The DVDs have Reebok ads in addition to Les Mills products such as the Smart Bar and the new “food” vertical they’re trying to break into. During the masterclass filming, it seems like at least twice the program coaches have to shill for Reebok — “Oh, don’t we look stylish with our new Reebok workout pants or cycling jerseys.” I understand why that happens; I just roll my eyes and focus on the important thing — the workout.

        • Simon Philp
          Posted December 17, 2014 8:45 pm 0Likes

          Really? Am sure will come to UK soon. Will feel like watching a video on youtube? We seem to be on the end of all the bad experiences lol. The amount of instructors getting in touch about how they’ve been treated or spoken to and asking if I have a NZ contact as they don’t have any trust is outstanding. Is a shame that the brand is going down an annoying path. It’s like they forget we’re instructors…

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