Finally this landed in my email last night and I had to share it. Would seem the listings are looking good so far. I have reach out to LM to see about some kind of collaboration but again nothing šŸ™

I really hope they continue to do future master classes with just Dan and Rach in the mountains of NZ as it’s a nice touch.

Music,BodyCombat 80,well….. each to their own right šŸ™‚ However,listening to some of these,there are couple of bangers.

What we know about BodyCombat 81

Drama, excitement, unleashed energy, fireballs and face to face challenges brings BODYCOMBAT Release 81 alive.

Les Mills BodyCombat 81 music track listing

Track 1A – Drop It Down (Extended Mix) – Sidney Samson feat. Vasin

Track 1B – Bullet Blowz – Havana Brown & Kronic

Track 2 – Mangalam – Will Sparks & Maddix

Track 3 – Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie (High Contrast Remix) – Arlissa & Jonas Blue

Track 4 – Nice Flow (Original Mix) – Smookie Illson & Fly Boi Keno

Track 5 – False Alarm – The Weeknd

Track 6 – How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah) – Cue Sheets

Track 7 – Public Enemy – Boss Boys

Track 8 – Got You There – Matrix & Futurebound feat. Zelah

Track 9 – Tell Me You Love Me (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) – Demi Lovato

Track 10 – Like I Would (The White Panda Remix) – ZAYN

BONUS Track 5 – Holding On – Andromedik

Do you have any thoughts on BodyCombat release 81 or is the above information incorrect? If you’d like to share please comment below or if you have a song in mind for a future BodyCombat release, why not suggestion a song over on Les : Suggest a song.

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  • Stephen Wills
    Posted September 11, 2019 10:05 am 0Likes

    Had my QW on this release at the weekend and it is incredible! Can’t wait for this!

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