You’ve been waiting for it, here it is Les Mills BodyCombat 69 video sizzler. The music track listing for BodyCombat 69 has been out while now. BodyCombat 68 is slowly making an exit.

Here is the sizzler, it’s not from the official LMI youtube channel but it’s a quick insight into the next release of Les Mills BodyCombat 69. What can we tell from the BodyCombat 69 video?

  • T1A – Seems simple. Nice uplifting tune.
  • T1B – Eh, kicks, “full integrated training”, not sure about the music though.
  • T2 – Jab, Cross, Hook 2 knees? Where have we seen this before?
  • T3 – “Abdominal training”, look forward to teaching this track.
  • T4 – Ooooo this looks good. Capoeira training, butt burner here we come.
  • T5 – Jab, hook, upper….  Going to the floor for pushups?
  • T6 – Double hook, back kick front knee then side movement with jabs and a squat…
  • T7  – Straight in with knees and elbows, superman punch thrown in for fun?
  • T8 – Directional uppercuts, jabs, crosses, what else is coming in this track?
  • T9 – Core work, is there something else the sizzler isn’t showing us?
  • T10 – Calm, collective…..

Initial thoughts

This release seems like it’s hitting another milestone in the BodyCombat “roadmap”, well if there is such a thing. Moving the press-ups from track 4 to track 5 is a changer but to me this release and the last couple feel like Les Mills are going through an A/B testing phase?  Change, variation are good things and I reserve further thoughts till I have done the release. I am glad I actually managed to book into a BodyCombat workshop this quarter as I think it’s going to be an interesting release….

I have had several emails/tweets/comments about the presenters not wearing gloves in this release.  For me the answer is simple:

  • Want participants/Instructors to see their hands?
  • Lots of floor work?
  • Ran out of Reebok gloves?
  • Someone forgot to pick up the gloves for the filming?

My gut thoughts are a combo of 1 and 2, easy…..

BodyCombat 69 Video Sizzler

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What do you think????

Have you already done this release? Is the sizzler doing any justice or is it like a bad film and the trailers showing the best bits?

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