You’ve been waiting for it, here it is Les Mills BodyCombat 66 video sizzler. The music track listing for BodyCombat 66 has been out while now. BodyCombat 65 is slowly making an exit.

Here is the sizzler, it’s not from the official LMI youtube channel but it’s a quick insight into the next release of Les Mills BodyCombat 66. What can we tell from the BodyCombat 66 video?

  • Shoots are back.
  • Capoeira movements thrown in the warm-up.
  • T2 is another explosive kick track with a triple roundhouse added for fun.
  • T3 sees some directional movement tin the combinations has been a while. Am sure we’ve seen the double jab upper very recently…..
  • T4 is all about the legs. Looks a killer.
  • T5 looks fast and furious.
  • The back fist where have you been? It’s back.
  • T7 you’ll see some combo’s from BodyCombat 65, Elbows, Knees oh and pirates 😛
  • Power tracks look and sound awesome.
  • Only 2 presenters on stage so no confusion over technique or where to look.

BodyCombat 66 Video Sizzler


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What do you think????

Have you already done the QW is the sizzzler doing any justice or is it like a bad film and the trailers showing the best bits?  I have my QW this week will be interesting to see how it goes down.

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