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While all Les Mills programs evolve it’s good to look back as after all it’s a journey, but we shouldn’t ignore that there are jewels in most previous releases…  With this in mind I am going back all the way back to Les Mills BodyCombat 44.  Track 7 Muay Thai.  Who doesn’t like a good Muay Thai track?

For those of you who don’t know BodyCombat 44 is a major release for me as it’s the release where I went from a participant to a Les Mills BodyCombat instructor under the guidance of Tanya Walker and many other amazing people.

Going back many years now, wow, time flies while you’re having fun. There are quite a few tracks in this release that are still in my mixing playlists. I will get round to cover these tracks in a future throwback..

Les Mills BodyCombat 44 track 7 music

  • Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man – ColorBox

Les Mills BodyCombat 44 track 7 choreography

Why this track?

I choose this track for several reasons:

  • Good memories from the 3 days of module training.
  • Lots of knees, lots of elbows.
  • Level changes can easily be introduced and followed up.
  • Jump elbow, it has been a while.
  • Lyrics easily hooked into “is that your best?”.
  • Ending of the street brawl punch to knees is a great way to finish this track.
  • Music drives the movement, making you want to push that little bit further.
  • Simple effective choreography, no reason not to commit to every move.
  • An easy track to learn just a quick refresh.

What do you think?

Have you taught/done this track and thought differently?  Please let us know your thoughts or If you have any tracks you’d like to share please comment, tweet me, or get in touch.

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