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Track listing


Track 2 – Tiny Universe – Lincoln Jesser & Speaker of the House feat. Katie Pearlman

Track 3 – Freedom – Kygo & Zak Abel

Track 4 – Bring Me Home – G Flip

Track 5 – Found You – Kasbo feat. Chelsea Cutler

Track 6 – It’s Your Thing – The Isley Brothers

Track 7 – Can’t Be Happier – Sj & Sugar Jesus feat. GoldFord

Track 8 – The Stable Song – Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony

Track 9 – Softly – Rhye

Track 10 – Before Dawn – nagamo

Track Tai Chi – Together – Sia

Do you have any thoughts on BodyBalance release 91 or is the above information incorrect? If you’d like to share please comment below or if you have a song in mind for a future BodyBalance release, why not suggestion a song for BodyBalance 92 or even BodyBalance 93 over on Les : Suggest a song.

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  • Antonina
    Posted June 19, 2021 10:11 pm 1Likes


    I have a question regarding Track 8 – The Stable Song.
    I have a membership with Les Mills and I have done that release many times. The artist, however, who is listed on this website and also on Les Mills website is not correct. The Stable Song in the release is performed by a woman, not the original singer, as Les Mills used a cover for the release (as they do).
    On Les Mills web it is “Mister Edd” (the band, not the horse) performing The Stable Song. I feel like I have checked all covers of that song and I cannot find the artist (female) singing that song 🙁 Please help.

    • Simon Philp
      Posted June 20, 2021 7:48 am 0Likes

      thanks for commenting. Some tracks are created for Les Mills specifically which means they’re usually not on YT, Spotify or Amazon. Best bet would be to keep fingers crossed and they release an album (Les Mills) which they have done in the past. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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