Gathering as much as I can from social posts, un-official sizzlers this is what we know about BodyAttack 105 so far….

What is Les Mills BodyAttack 105 all about?

It’s so good to be back and what a release to come back to. I had a lot of fun putting this release together with finding the right balance of music and moves that I’m sure will make you and your members excited to continue to BODYATTACK. We are inclusive, we are fun, and we always Share the Energy. Have a great workout!

Les Mills BodyAttack 105 music track listing

Track 1 – Out Of This Town (Extended Mix) – Hardwell & Vinai feat. Cam Meekins

Track 2 – You Only Talk in #hashtag – Dave Audé & Luciana

Track 3 – Cupid Shuffle – The Yellow Sea

Track 4 – On The Ground – R-Wan feat. Fatman Scoop

Track 5 – Knock Me Down – Youngblood Hawke

Track 6 – One Kiss (Bonkerz Remix Edit) – Hollywood Hustlers

Track 7 – Mr Vain (Ste Ingham Remix Edit) – Projekt Black

Track 8 – Feel U (Radio Edit) – Condor feat. Adina

Track 9 – Purple People Eater – Pegboard Nerds

Track 10 – Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK

Track 11 – Natural – Imagine Dragons

Track B1 – Heads Up – JAIN

Track Exp 5 – Knock Me Down – Youngblood Hawke

Do you have any thoughts on BodyAttack release 105 or is the above information incorrect? If you’d like to share please comment below or if you have a song in mind for a future BodyAttack release, why not suggestion a song over on Les : Suggest a song.

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