It’s been about 4 weeks since we launched BodyAttack 103, BodyCombat 78 etc here in the UK and already we’re seeing track listings pop up.  Before we dive into BodyAttack what do we know so far about the first quarter of 2019:

What is Les Mills BodyAttack 104 all about?

It’s so good to be back and what a release to come back to. I had a lot of fun putting this release together with finding the right balance of music and moves that I’m sure will make you and your members excited to continue to BODYATTACK. We are inclusive, we are fun, and we always Share the Energy. Have a great workout!

Les Mills BodyAttack 104 music track listing

Track 1 – High On Life – Martin van Lectro

Track 2 – Make Me Free (Extended Mix) – Broswave

Track 3 – Never Be The Same (RainDropz! Remix) – Miami Ink

Track 4 – Earthquake (Extended Mix) – Hardwell feat. Harrison

Track 5 – Boomshakalak (Extended Mix) – MR.BLACK x Diego Miranda feat. The Kemist

Track 6 – Let The Music Do The Job (NeoTune! Edit) – Michael Night & Danny Keegan

Track 7 – Partystarter (Extended Mix) – Darren Styles,Tweekacore

Track 8 – Imagine (Original Mix) – Bass Modulators

Track 9 – Bring Me To Life (Pro Mix) – Da Tweekaz feat. HALIENE

Track 10 – Familiar – Liam Payne & J Balvin

Track 11 – Born To Be Yours – Kygo & Imagine Dragons

Do you have any thoughts on BodyAttack release 104? If you’d like to share please comment below or if you have a song in mind for a future BodyAttack release, why not suggestion a song over on Les : Suggest a song.

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