Carrying on from Everything Body Combat 55 I have pulled together various posts/images/videos from over the internet. If you would like to contribute to any of the everything body combat series then please contact me.


YouTube clips

Body Combat 56 – FILEX – Super Sunday 2013

Highlights from the Ultimate Super Workshop with Dan Cohen and Rachel Newsham with other trainers. Judy King, there’s an instructor I’d love to see back in a filming.

Source Les Mill Asia Pacific :



Source and more :

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Release Pictures

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Not really 56 but still this is brilliant:

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  • Paul Ward – Well done warriors @SeahamLeisure tonight. @bodycombat 56 drilled into the future. Matrix/advancing side kicks improving. #Thereisnospoon
  • Tracie Wickline – Les mills body combat release # 56 is serious… Totally feeling it tonight…
  • LMart – Hey @danBODYCOMBAT @JetNZUK …Boys v Girls #BodyCombat 56 T8 ending at recent launch 😉 Everyone was a WINNER!
  • Roger – I’m broken. 2 #BodyBalance and 2 #BodyCombat classes taught in addition to the day job. I did 56 tonight. It nearly killed me.

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