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Les Mills Body CombatBeen doing body combat 47 for a while now and it seems it doesn’t want to go away. Myself, fellow instructors, and participants are loving this release however, time has come to mix in some other tracks.

Wednesday night I decided to try a mix I had in the back of my head. This mix involved learning tracks from releases pre my certification. I have written before about my top 10 body combat tracks between releases 40 and 44. This mix has a couple from this track listing.

  1. Dragostea Din Tei – Body Combat 41
  2. Shut up & Kiss Me – Body Combat 46
  3. Sweatheart – Body Combat 40
  4. Fire – Body Combat 47
  5. The Anthem – Body Combat 42
  6. Paint it Black – Body Combat 44
  7. Mortal Kombat – Body Combat 44
  8. See the light – Body Combat 45
  9. Beautiful Monster – Body Combat 47
  10. Just the way you are – Body Combat 47

The hour flew by and I’ll happily put my hand up that this mix worked me and my class. After teaching it a couple of times I felt how hard we all had been working. Feedback from participants was all positive apart from the odd comment about how hard some of the tracks were.  I replied ”it’s only hard if you make it hard, so well done on giving 100% Smile.”

Quarterly workshop for Body Combat 48 is next Saturday and reading online reviews sounds like it’s going to be another great release. If you’ve not read Glens review check it out –

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