iPod Update

A while back you may remember that I posted an item Biggest iPod to date.  After posting the problem I was experiencing in the forums over at apple it would appear that my machine was confusing my iPod with a network drive.  After reading the article it all fell into place however what I was more confused about was where my iPod was getting its name from.  It’s still not known but I am glad to have control over my iPod again.

This leads me on to the following articles that were posted a couple of days ago over at lifehacker.

I think I have gone down the iTunes road without thinking there were other routes to my destination.  After reading through those articles it would seem there are some cool tools out there that make life a little easier when it comes to iPod management may it be putting music/video’s on or taking them off.

I have downloaded and installed a couple of the utilities mention in the above links and to be fare I think it’s still a little early to give my opinion on the software, but so far it’s all good.

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