Intechnology Golf day 2008

Intechnology It’s that time of year again whereby Andy and I had the opportunity to attend Intechnologies golf day. This being our second time down we had an idea of what the day was to consist of.

Like last year we signed up to the beginners section whereby a golf pro would show us how to hit the ball may it be with a driver, number 7 or a putter. This year there was certainly alot more people which meant that there were 3 beginner groups all rotating to the 3 various areas of the course.

I’d like to say that I remembered alot from last years “coaching” but it was down to learning it all again.  Out of the competition between the 3 groups, it was Andy and I’s team that won. Nice trophy for the office and a bottle of champers.

The whole event was well organised and it was good seeing people we met last year.  The rest of the pictures from the golf day can be found on my flickr page.

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