It’s been 3 months since I managed to capture a nice sunrise over the island of InchKeith.  3 months ago I was really at the starting point of understanding the art of photography. Post processing images is something that was new to me and watching Anthony ……. video series has helped me progress to where I am today.

One big mistake I made when I first got my DSLR was not shooting in raw mode.  Now it’s the only mode I shoot in and it’s opened a huge can of worms.

1st Edition

InchKeith as taken


2nd Edition

InchKeith as taken

InchKeith Processed

As you can see there is a massive difference and it comes down to what I have learned over the months. A big influence was the Video series about getting started with Adobe Lightroom by Anthony Morganti. Also want to thank my Friend Neil Smith of Neil Smith photography for pointing me in the right direction.. Here’s to the next 3 months.


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