Good call First Minister Alex Salmond….

Forth Road Bridge ( Why is it our government likes to spend a shed load of money on something and then less that 2 years later they pull the plug? Today it was confirmed that the Forth road bridge will be scrapping it’s tolls in less that two weeks. However, only two years ago 4 million pounds was spent in putting in a new toll system to help with traffic flow.

A whole £1 is the cost of the toll, which, when the toll has be banished where will they get the money for ongoing repairs etc?  Yeap you’ve guessed it, us. SNP you must be so proud of achieving so much.  Why not put the money into something worth while?  Maybe you should be using the phrase “unacceptable and unfair” on the ongoing yearly increases in train fares, the waiting lists in the NHS, and hikes in council taxes.

“A boost to tourism and inward investment”, I am sure £1 will stop people traveling north. So frustrating.

In this move how can they motivate people to use public transport to commute back and forth to work?  Well, with the ever high train prices, and once the tolls are gone it would work out cheaper for me to drive to work every day.

In my eyes this isn’t an achievement this is kaos.  

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