Summer 2008 Mini Mix part 1

Summer 2008 Mini Mix 1 -

Yesterday I decided to wipe the cobwebs off several records and put together a quick mix.  I plan on doing a couple more mini mixes throughout the summer which will hopefully add a little funk to your life 🙂

Would seem this week is all about the music. First a guest mix by Twin Shinobi and now this Summer 2008 Mini Mix.

If you would like to hear a track in the mix please get in touch. My usual podcast will be released next week. Some thumping promo’s coming your way. If you’ve not already subscribed to my funky house podcast then what you waiting for. Itunes Subscription link, Rss Feed Link.

Over the coming weeks I plan on re-vamping my podcast site and the album art so check back for some new features and competitions.

The photo used in the album art is courtesy of a friend : Neil Smith Photography

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