First subtext patch – xfn relationships

Yesterday I submitted my first patch to the subtext project.  While I have created a couple of skins for the blogging engine I wanted to contribute more.  Within subtext you have the option to add links to categories.  These are usually used for blog lists which usually link to a friends site, coworker or a contact. 

An example of a list from Simone Chiaretta’s blog:


What is XFN?

Xhtml Friends Network uses an attribute of the a href tag called “rel”, examples:

<a href=”” rel=”me”>Si</a> or <a href=”” rel=”friend coworker”>Andy</a>

This patch allows you to assign a relationship to each link.

For more information about xfn check out  –

Admin Screen

xfn admin screen

End Result

xfn front screen

Creating and submitting the patch was easy thanks to Scott Hanselman’s post – How to contribute a patch to an Open Source Project like DasBlog.

I hope to contribute more to the subtext project :).

I have written a variety of posts about subtext which can be found here.

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