Find your fav Google doodle

It would seem Google has re-launched it’s doodle website.  We all know Google changes it’s logo on its search page to celebrate/honour events from historical figures, holidays and video games.

The doodle go back to 1998 where you can see:


My Favourite 10 in no particular order

30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN


Just insert a coin and you can spend all day playing a classic.

Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday


The legend himself.

Discovery of X-rays


Tarsila do Amaral’s 125th Birthday


Described as “the Brazilian painter who best achieved Brazilian aspirations for nationalistic expression in a modern style.”

2010 Vancouver Olympic Games – Snowboarding


Love the snowboarding aspect of this doodle

20th Anniversary of the Wallace and Gromit Characters


Classic Wallace and Gromit.

Crop Circles


Who, How, Why?

2006 Torino Olympic Games – Snowboarding


Another Snowboarding related doodle, love it.

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 5


There isn’t a week I don’t check out Dilbert.

Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday


An interactive doodle for the creator of the muppets, Jim Henson.

Like what you see?

If you like any of the doodle you see Google has made it possible to get them applied to t-shirts, cups etc over at

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