We previously looked at the Evolution of Les Mills BodyCombat Warmups now we’re tipping the scales and looking at the high energy ending or track 8 also know as power track number 3.

Lets have a look through the ages where you can see and even hear a difference with final thoughts at the end, for all my other posts related : Les Mills Posts.

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BodyCombat 12 track 8

Heard of Ultimate Buzz,  a Scottish dance band just like UltraSonic?

Rock da Bass  – Ultimate Buzz feat. M.C.Bee

BodyCombat 35 track 8

A really fast track 8, love this track.  A remix of the track heaven from Bryan Adams.  This has my good friend Roger’s name written all over it….

Heaven – Tokyo Haze

BodyCombat 46 track 8

I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix)Cadence

BodyCombat 50 track 8

You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm

BodyCombat 61 track 8

The release we are on at time of writing BodyCombat 61

Like a Rainbow (Sy & Unknow Remix) – Recon & Demand


Track 8 is about doing familiar moves fast and furious as we want to end the group exercise class smashed. It’s not like the leg tracks where lets face it new moves have increased the work out ten fold. Track 8’s have they changed that much?   Jabs,Hooks,uppercuts,travel this way, that way….Well I don’t think so. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Have I overlooked something?

When mixing “only mix a couple of releases back”, why?   If you’ve paid for the music why not use it?

Being stung by the high prices LMUK (and the sneaky change in the instructors agreement : need to buy every release for every programme to remain certified, yes, it’s about the money don’t forget that) put on the instructor packs for what the use over 2 -3 months? (PPL, non PPL please make sure you’re covered). Leading on from the high prices you’ll be surprised by the differences in pricing and what you actually get in an instructor pack/quarterly workshops when you see it broken down country by country (future post coming).

While you’re here

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  • Steinzeit
    Posted December 23, 2014 4:30 am 0Likes

    I am not an Bodycombat instructor, but I think Track 8 do change during the past release, dramatically, even though it just involved with simple moves such as jab cross upper hook etc. The mastermind behind each release do have evolved when they design the work out. Clearly BC12 T8’s pacetensity can’t be compared with BC61’s, also the recent releases are much more involved with ideas from reactive core training and HIIT, even Bodycombat techniques are evolved. Although I am newcomer since BC 47, I do take every release after BC 20, I always feel the move design is weird in the old release, some moves are difficult to use your core to push the power when they put together, this scenario is much less happened in new release. Sure, a few tracks from very old release won’t hurt anybody and give you some fun, but for better result I preferred latest release.

    • Simon Philp
      Posted December 23, 2014 7:15 am 0Likes

      If you compare current to so long ago yes, you can see changes in relation to intensity but the moves remain the same. Working an upper up = using the core. If you even go back to BC43 track 8 when I certified I can’t see any reason why we’re told to only mix a few releases back…. As for new technique, there has been what 1 new punch in a track 8 since??? I personally can’t recall a difficult choreographed track 8 but would be interesting to look at such release so if you have an idea of the release number 🙂

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