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If you’d like to be on a future Everything Body Combat please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page or by twitter.



Release Pictures

http://instagram.com/p/jVIR6XFoyy/ by Sonia Martin
http://instagram.com/p/jCZ8gSPCpE/ by Tamra Judge
http://instagram.com/p/iv-awoFkKs/ by Helle Vinther
http://instagram.com/p/jGEuLXIVoP/ by Leonard Lapeña

YouTube Clips

Body Combat 58 Release @ Les Mills Megaquarterly 2013 Veldhoven

Body Combat 58 Jack’s Event!

LesMills New Release – BodyCombat 58 at California at D.5 Club


  • Levi Adele Fisher – It’s official I now love body combat #58 !! Such awesome tracks 🙂 just gets better and better!! #lesmills #fitness #bodycombat
  • LittleMissNutz – Body Combat 58 Track 2 > That “balance” kick is tough……
  • Rachel Kiel – Last but not least, we wrapped up with #BODYCOMBAT! I love, love, love release 58. Heather did an… http://instagram.com/p/jpAQblGf2E/
  • Gillian B – #bodycombat 58 doesn’t get easier. This kills me every week

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