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Release Pictures

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YouTube Clips

Body Combat 57 track 3 posted by Judy King

BodyCombat 57 from Super Saturday 2013

Another BodyCombat 57 from Super Saturday 2013

Body Combat 57 les Mills programme Fitness Sports Valle las Cañas Master Class

Lesmills New Release – BodyCombat 57 at California at the Waterfront


  • Kerba Arnold – Just took Body Combat 57!! Crazy kicking, stomping, and the push ups at the end are killer!
  • Nicki – tomorrow is gymday – Got Body Combat tomorrow. Am loving release 57. Kicking ass and awesome tracks.
  • Kirsten – Members brought it tonight! #BodyCombat 57 is seriously lighting up this gym.
  • Bev Coates – Loving body combat 57 what a brilliant release!
  • Lisa Quinn – Great body combat 57 release! Thoroughly enjoyed it #fighter #fightthegoodfight

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