I am going to start bringing together all the best posts/videos etc from around the world in relation to each body combat release.  Would like to contribute, do you have launch pictures, videos you’d like to share? Please comment or contact me.


You Tube clips

A video covering the whole release put together brilliantly

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWbDpPUGMKw

This event looks awesome “The Nike Blast”

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzHDLVNzJWo


Body Combat 55

Source : http://instagram.com/p/ZL8U5zO1Hb/

#BODYCOMBAT 55 is about to go down in #VEGAS BABY!!!

Source : http://instagram.com/p/XIt1HJTYzI/

Keep Calm and kick the Sky!

Source : https://twitter.com/Pame_Torres/status/331723841980219392/photo/1

Body Combat 55 en Madrid! #awesome #staywiththefight

Source : https://twitter.com/PeiroOscar/status/302838583180537856/photo/1

Sending you lots of love today for #BODYCOMBAT 55 filming!!

Source : https://twitter.com/jerichomcduffie/status/260451916889346048


  • @dancinggirlieBody combat 55!!!! Hell yeah!!!
  • @thisisZainab : #BodyCombat 55 confession: even 2 wks later, the muay thai track still takes every single last breath of air out of me. #StayWithTheFight
  • @ChrisaMills24BODYCOMBAT 55 hit hard – but we were ready for the challenge it took it head on! #24hourfitness

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