Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been. At the beginning of May I wrote about how I decided to take the plunge and do another Les Mills programme, CX Worx.  Looking at the date of the module I thought we would be training on CX Worx 7 but confirmation came through it was CX Worx 6. From receiving the initial booking email time flew by and before I knew it, it was module time.

Like the other Les Mills programmes when you get your confirmation you’re allocated tracks to learn and mine were 5 and 6. Over the 2 week run up to the module and learning the tracks I struggled with the timing in track 5 with the slow side crunches. I kept at it until I was confident I was hitting the right beat.  Even with the choreography in my head remembering  was alot to take in.

Being as prepared as I could be I made my way to Engage Fitness’s Craiglochart campus early on the Saturday morning wondering what was in store for us all over the 18 hour weekend.  Was good seeing familiar faces waiting in the car park taking in the blue skies and the glaring sun. Out of all the weekends for the module to be on it was the warmest weekend this year.

Our master trainer for the weekend was Denice Burr. Our first 9 hours began with the cx worx 6 masterclass, followed by drill after drill until it was time to present our first track. With the amount of instructors on the course presenting meant we went through the release twice each time.  Feeling the burn from about mid day was matter of gritting teeth and getting on with it. After everyone had presented we got our feedback and this related to technique correction, timing and other teaching points. By no means was it an easy first day.

Day 2 came and straight off we presented our 2nd track for the 1st time. Again we got feedback on our presenting, lots of information to take in across the whole programme.  Before going into the science and thinking behind CX Worx Denice spoke about Les Mills culture and values which took me back to when I moved from being a body combat participant to instructor.

Was crunch time. Like the other times we were presenting we had 10 – 15 minutes to go through our track and ask any questions we may of had.  We were all tired, we all tried to keep each another motivated knowing the outcome of the 2 days was near. Everyone gave that last push, determined to get a pass to teach. DONE.

Everyone was feeling the same nervous, tired, and worked. Results were in:


I was very happy to learn I certified over the weekend and It doesn’t stop there as I need to know the choreography inside and out so I can confidently teach a class. If you’re thinking about doing this module I would recommend it but be prepared.

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