Organising Photo’s

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Free photo software – Why Pay? Lots of goodies out there to use, all bringing there own goodness to the table.  If you’re like me and...

Christmas at Edinburgh 2015

Edinburgh Christmas market has been in full flow since the beginning of the month.  Also this time of year see's the Dome transform into a Christmas extravaganza.  While we're talking Christmas.... MERRY CHRISTMAS Hope you have...

London 2012 visits – Street art included

Thought I would share some pictures that I took on my iPhone 4 while I have been down in London visiting one of our offices. Some really cool street art :) .
Nacreous clouds

Rainbow clouds filling the sky

At the beginning of February the UK was hit by Storm Henry. On the 2nd of February we woke up to a spectacular view. I have called them rainbow clouds as this is probably the...

Photography – Reflection was the task

I set myself a little project to use reflections in my photographs. I am fortunate that I work around an interesting area of Edinburgh and have a fantastic commute along the coast so I...

Visiting Loch Leven

I have passed loch Leven hundreds if not thousands of times and I have never stopped to go and check the place out before.  I have been to Vane Farm which can be found...

The Forgotten Morning

It's amazing what you can uncover when you start going through old back up files. These were taken back in January'14 one morning while I was on my way back from an early appointment....

Poppies in Photography – Bright side of life

Simple, colourful and can usually be found quite easily. Poppies and a variety of flowers caught my eye one morning so I decided to stop and take a couple of photographs.  It was early...