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I have a to-do list that’s getting bigger by the day.  I have had several emails asking when Part 2 of “Creating your first subtext skin” will be going live.  It’s coming, I promise. Hopefully next week I’ll be happy with it and send it to a couple of reviewers before publishing it.  If you want to be one of these reviewers please feel free to contact me.

My websites skin is slowly being updated and I do have a list dedicated to it.  Once this list has been completed I will be putting the files on the subtext skin site for download.  More skins are coming just not enough time in the day.


A current favourite podcast of mines is the latest from Si Jobling aka 1 Phat Dj called Bikini Beats.  With the Scottish summer being delayed until next year this mix has certainly put me in the mood for a nice hot, sunny, relaxing holiday, so guess what I’ll be doing this weekend???

Talking about Dj’s from my podcast subscriptions it’s been a while since DJ Cruze has released a podcast due to becoming a father, Congratulations.  I am looking forward to his next podcast so Marc get your finger out :P.  His current podcast is Number 31 Sweet Harmony.

I hooked up with an old friend Johnny Walker aka EZE last week.  He has some awesome scratch videos on his myspace page. He is also bringing together his own compilation 21st century FM, some of his work again can be found on his myspace page.


  • DJ Cruze
    Posted July 19, 2007 8:22 am 0Likes

    I’ll be back with a new podcast and mix at the weekend I hope! Little Daniel is taking up all of our time at the moment.


  • Si Philp
    Posted July 19, 2007 8:37 pm 0Likes

    Hey mate.
    Just hope all is ok 🙂


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